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The Treasury Rally of 2016 – A Look Ahead

This Investment Insight examines three possible scenarios for how the U.S. Treasury market could perform over the next 28 months and how investors can prepare. Read the publication.


Study: Many pension schemes lack third-party manager oversight

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A survey by LCP finds that only one-fifth of pension schemes with a fiduciary manager use an independent adviser to review and monitor the manager’s performance. Read the full publication.


When to Hang onto the Short-Term Villain

How fund managers can disagree but still both deliver strong long-term returns is the topic of this article reported from the 2016 Frontier Conference. Read the full report.


Are you Anchored to Higher Interest Rates?

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LCP’s James Fermont describes how human psychology sometimes gets in the way of good investment decisions. Read the entire blogpost.


A Global Perspective on Responsible Investing

More funds and investment managers are finding new ways to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations with investment considerations. Read the entire publication.


Surprise! We Have a Brexit

This brief examines three possible scenarios for how the U.K.’s departure from the European Union could play out and how investors can respond in the near term. Read the publication.


Brexit: Only a Symptom of a Profound Transformation?

What does Brexit signal about underlying changes in today’s political and economic landscapes? Are more uncertainty-creating events like Brexit in store? Read the publication.


LCP Vista: Prepare for a Bumpy Ride

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Brexit is dominating the news, but pension schemes need to carry on thinking about the best long-term strategies to meet their liabilities. To help them do so, we offer our latest ideas on Brexit, as well as timberland as a growth asset, climate policy and longevity risk. Read the publication.


Fallen Angels: A Look at Downgraded Bonds

On the back of a lower oil price, “fallen angels” — formerly investment-grade bonds that have been downgraded to non-investment-grade — have become a hot topic in discussions about credit markets. Read the entire publication.


Tips for Investing in a Volatile Market

Markets around the globe have fluctuated dramatically in recent months, with no end in sight. Read our 10 tips on how to survive the twists and turns.


Risk Management — All Just Smoke and Mirrors?

This paper examines why some organisations’ risk governance frameworks have failed them recently. Read the entire publication.


Outlook Update: “A View from the Ferris Wheel”

After a rollercoaster first quarter, investors face still more market ups and downs. This updated outlook presents the firm’s revised views on the world’s economies and the direction of specific equity, fixed-income and alternative investments. Read the publication.


Investing Responsibly: Are All Managers Walking the Walk?

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More investment managers are signing the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment — but that doesn’t mean they all take responsible investment seriously. A new survey in LCP’s Investing Responsibly magazine shows huge differences in managers’ responsible-investment credentials. Read publication.


The Frontier Line: What Exactly is Core Property?

Frontier’s Property team examines the “core/prime” and “secondary” property classification to help investors identify asset quality and know what to look for in a strategy and manager. Read the publication.


LCP's Quarterly Investment Snapshot

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In LCP’s latest snapshot: Global growth expectations continue to fall; the International Monetary Fund warns of “political isolationism” risks, Japan follows Europe’s lead on negative rates, high-quality government bond yields fall, and more. Read publication.


The Frontier Line: Does One Size Fit All Retirees?

Frontier’s David Carruthers examines whether one size actually can fit all when it comes to super funds finding solutions for their members entering retirement. Read the publication.


Taking Score — A Look Back at SRC’s 2015 Predictions

A famous philosopher once warned: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This scorecard looks at how the firm’s 2015 investment predictions compared to actual experience. Read the publication.


The Frontier Line: Are You Ready for Climate Change?

This paper discusses the long-term impact of climate change on portfolios and how you can prepare. Read the entire publication.


Investment Insight: Active vs. Passive — Version 5.0

Segal Rogerscasey revisits the ongoing debate about whether active investment management can achieve the goal of outperforming the passive alternative. Read the entire publication.


The Frontier Line: Bringing It In-House

What are the benefits, challenges and different models for insourcing investment management? This paper explains. Read the entire publication.


Diversified Growth Funds – Luck or Skill?

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LCP’s Phil Boyle comments on a Financial Times report that said fees charged by diversified growth funds are “too high and not commensurate with their skill. Read the entire blog post.


Enterprise Risk Management — Best Practice Framework

In this second installment in a Frontier Line series on risk, Frontier Advisors examines investment risk system implementation. Read the entire publication.


Investment Brief: Responsible Investing — A Reintroduction

This paper gives a brief overview of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, and how it differs from other types of responsible investing. Read the entire publication.


Enterprise Risk Management — Defining the Problem

This first installment in a Frontier Line series on risk looks at the challenges of implementing an effective risk system. Read the entire publication.


The Irony of Market Volatility

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LCP’s Phil Boyle discusses some of the main drivers behind the recent market volatility and provides tips for trustees on managing investment risks. Read the entire blog post.


Investment Management Fees: “The New Deal”

This issue of The Frontier Line looks at investment management fees and the commonly overlooked concept of value for money. Read the entire publication.


2016 Investment Outlook: Standing (or Is that Sitting) Out in a Crowd?

Segal Rogerscasey reports its views for the next 12-18 months on the global economy and opportunities in equities, fixed income and alternative investments. Read the entire publication.


ALT IQ : Liquid Alternatives — Smoothing the Ride

This newsletter from Frontier Advisors’ Debt, Alternatives and Innovation Team looks at three liquid alternative strategies: directional multi-asset, liquid diversifying and global macro. Read the entire publication.


The LCP View: Longevity Swaps — A Barrier to Buy-Out?

Some description LCP’s Murray Blake discusses the challenges and the potential advantages of pension schemes using buy-ins or longevity swaps to address longevity risk. Read the entire blog post.


Investment Insight: China — The Riddle Kingdom

Some description China’s economic slowdown has led many investors to question widely-held beliefs about the world’s second-largest economy. Segal Rogerscasey sorts out these beliefs from the unfolding reality. Read the entire publication.


The LCP View: What Would ‘Brexit’ Mean for Pension Sponsors?

Some description LCP’s Phil Cuddeford looks at what a “Brexit” — or Britain departing from the European Union — could mean for defined-benefit pension sponsors. Read the entire blog post.


January 2016 Investment Insight, “After QE: Economic and Financial-Market Effects”

Some description As central banks wind down their historic quantitative easing (QE) policies, the global economy and financial markets are entering uncharted territory. This Investment Insight considers whether QE was a success in the U.S. and how investors can prepare for QE’s end globally. Read the entire publication.


January 2016 The LCP View, Private Credit — Attractive, But Tread Carefully

Some description Those attracted to private credit funds be careful: It’s possible to earn attractive returns, but it can be difficult to assess risk and some approaches are unduly complex, warns LCP’s Stuart McKinnon. Read the entire blog post.



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